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2 more days Yo!!!

Harry Potter, why can't you come sooner!

My favorite character in the Harry Potter series is Tom Riddle/Voldemort, and yes, I consider them one and the same. I believe this character was written with not only a complex personality, background and motives, but with a touch of parallels from past history. I loved the way that J.K. Rowling not only gave Voldemort a believable motive for his actions, but a plausible reason for his madness that was very hidden to his followers, yet plainly obvious to the protagonists and readers alike.

His back-story was very detailed and I loved Rowling's moral storytelling. The questions that pop up when you hear his back-story are:

Would Voldemort have become that way if his conception was not coerced, by a love potion?
Would Voldemort have become that way if his mother had found the will to live and raise him, or if he had been adopted at a young age by Muggles?

I like it when a character and the story revolving around them make you think and question the story itself. There is obvious parallels to Adolf Hitler in him, as both were not forthcoming about their patronage and both attempted to destroy something that they themselves were. As is the parallel to his Death Eaters to Hitler's Nazis. There are also other subtle comparisons such as, Voldemort to 'Lord of the Ring's' Dark Lord Sauron as both were eager and desperate to regain the power that was both lost to them. Sauron with the ring (obviously) and in an attempt to regain his, Voldemort with the Elder Wand. Also the amount of detail in the character is almost as descriptive as Harry himself. His name alone means 'Flight of Death', or 'Flight from Death' in french, which both would fit him ironically.

But... all of this is all general knowledge. What I love most about Voldemort is his wide range in the fanon universe. While his background is more detailed than most villains, there is still much up for debate and that is left wide open for interpretation. This is a breeding ground for fanfiction and other creative outlets. All stories need some kind of antagonist, but how about writing one from his point of view, where Potter is the bad guy. The possibilities are limitless, if people were more open to playing with his character. I suppose this is no longer a quick blurb, but my love for this character runs so deep that I cannot help myself from rambling about him. Oh, just a little information about my involvement with anything Voldemort related, I run the largest journal-based community for Voldemort on the internet... [info]_marvolo_ ( , where all posts are Voldemort-centric, if you're curious about other people's perceptions of this character. I could go on and on, and I've barely even scratched the book version of Voldemort and not the films' versions, which I feel are somewhat different, but you did say 'quick', so I apologize.

Oh... did I forget to mention that he's played by Ralph Fiennes.... Christian Coulson..... AND Frank Dillane (all three of which are super mega-foxy hot)... yeah, I think I just made my point. ; )

I love you Tom!
Tom light

Interesting Wedding/Photography/Fandom Question: Christian Coulson

Earlier today a friend (Tiffany or 'Jonesy') who is getting married in a few months in another state asked me on AIM:

Tiffany: 'Beckie, if you could have ONE thing that would make your wedding absolutely perfect, what would it be?'

I suppose she asked me to see where/what I would prioritize my wedding wants, so that she could get ideas for her own. I answered thoughtfully:

Me: 'I would want Christian Coulson as my wedding photographer.'

She was quiet for a few moments, typed: '(O.o)' and wrote:

Tiffany: 'Who the hell is Christian Coulson? Is he local to where you live.'

I laughed internally and typed:

Me: 'Aren't you a Harry Potter fan, and did you forget who I was?'

*crickets chirping*

Tiffany: 'Yeah I like HP... but what does Harry Potter have to do with photography?'

Then I spent the next ten minutes explaining who exactly Christian Coulson was (if I have to explain it to you, then you're not a hardcore HP fan!) on AIM and that he is now a professional photographer in New York.

Tiffany: 'Does he even do wedding photography?'

Me: 'Not sure, but wouldn't my wedding be the most EPIC event in my life if he was the one not only attending, but capturing it? Well, other than the 'getting joined to your soul mate' part...'

Tiffany: 'LOLZ... if anyone ever doubted your love for Voldemort, no one would after that.'

Me: 'Word.'

Then I chatted about how much I loved his photography (with me being a professional photographer now myself, I think my opinion isn't biased.)and not just his role in HP, and how I would genuinely love to have him as my wedding photographer, if I could afford him one day.

I told William about it and he just laughed. I did tell him that the wedding would NOT be HP themed though... more for our family's sake. Maybe after the wedding we could fly up to Las Vegas and have a little ceremony dressed up as a Slytherin and him as a Storm Trooper.




Christian Coulson photography:
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Busy, busy, busy... this is my life now.


I have just realized that I almost always start off my livejournal entries with the word 'SO'... how weird, huh?

Life for me has been so ridiculously busy. My new Canon 60d came in the mail last week and I haven't been able to put it down since. To think I have only been seriously (professionally) photographing for about two weeks, and now I have clients starting to come out interested in some sessions and people wanting to buy prints of my recent private work. It's a bit mind-blowing to me. I had to buy some business cards because people I would meet while I was taking photos at the park with my kiddos for practice were asking for one.

I have a PR agent for the city of McAllen wanting to hire me to do ALL of her product photography for her local clients, and she has A LOT of clients. It's all very exciting.

One of my photos ended up on the local news and now I've had a few people stop by wanting to buy the prints. One lady bought a few digital copies from me and showed up an hour later with the large prints to get me to sign them. You should have seen my face when she showed up again... like (O.O) 'Really? Wow, of course!'.

William has been absolutely instrumental to my learning curve, I believe. He has helped teach me different techniques, settings, lighting setups ect... I've also been using his Canon 5d Mark II for some of my images. I am so extremely lucky.

I'll post some of my images below...

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Anyhow, I'm loving all of this and if you notice I'm not online anymore, that's why. Hopefully though my time will ease up so that I can RPG again a little bit with Lockewood, but if busniess stays steady like it has been, then I might have to leave. :( The most important thing though is that I am able to bring in money into the household and support my children while enjoying what I do. Some friends have commented on how some of my stuff isn't 'art', and I say to that... 'well, no... you're right, some of it isn't, but what isn't art does pay me around $600 for a simple portrait session so that I can afford better equipment so that I can take some artsy images.' Sorry my artsy friends... I have bills to pay and children to feed.


EDIT: I forgot to leave my Flickr link.
If you have a Flickr account, add me as a contact.
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I know I haven't written in awhile.

My old roommate from college, Jason, passed away on Friday from cancer. I didn't even know he had cancer. The funeral is tomorrow. It's kind of a shock. He was only 29.

I won't be online for a long while. I've been really busy RL wise. Don't be surprised that you can't get a hold of me for a bit.

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M.I.A. Beckie has been M.I.A.!

Sorry that I haven't properly updated in what seems like forever.

RL has been moving so crazy for me lately. I have begun the track of professional photography and so now things have just been rolling so quickly. I already have some people that are interested in contacting me with clients ect, along with someone who has offered to become an agent so, yays... It's a bit nerve-wracking. I'm waiting for my new camera to arrive today. It's a Canon EOS 60d, we have the Canon 5d Mark II, but this one will be my camera that I use primary. I'm really excited about it.

The girls are doing fine and so is Will. No complaints there.

Anyway I figured I could use this as a photodump of sorts... None of these images have been altered in Photoshop other than to resize them. I have slightly colored some of them in Camera Raw, but not very much, so I consider these images unfinished.

Oh and I have a flickr now! If you have one please add me as a contact.

Beckie's Flickr:

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Tom Riddle Photo Shoot!


I promised both scarletladyy and reeby10 that I would do this one day. I finally got to doing the professional (well sorta) product photo shoot today.

I wasn't able to upload it on Youtube because the WB are rat bastards that take the fun out of life. So I had to upload it on I would love if you guys left feedback about the pictures. Thanks.

I apologize if your friends list gets spammed tonight. I'm going to try to post it everywhere I can, in case it gets taken down soon. I apologize again.


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RPG ramblings on Tom Riddle...LOCKEWOOD.

So, a few of you know that I joined a new RPG...

Let me go on the record and say that the ONLY reason I joined was because TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE was an available character... or else I wouldn't have.

And so far it has been... amazing! I love writing Tom so much. It took a little bit to get into his character, but after a few journal entries I think I have his tone down. The game itself is very original and unique and has been going on for three years, which is a long time for a RPG. Although... there are not enough UNREDEEMED Death Eaters at this game, and Tom needs his minions, especially Bellatrix. Tom needs his right-hand man errr... woman! So, don't be surprised if I pimp out the game every so often.

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Isn't my Tom just dashing! I love you Cillian Murphy!! Clicky to see his journal.

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